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Agriturismi: Camparella, Pastrengo



Corte Campara, for its strategical position on the old Imperial Street, was used as stopover by the imperial army coming from the North, through the Brenner Pass. The villa of Corte Campara was holiday resort of the aristocratic Nogarola Maffei family, but then it was abandoned and transformed into a barrack.

Pastrengo, whose name comes from the Germanic termination “engo” (village), became famous for the “Battle of 30th april 1848” when it took place the glorious “Carabinieri's Charge of Pastrengo”. Particularly interesting are the four fortifications and the telegraph tower, which are some of the most well-preserved historical buildings of this kind all around Europe. Thanks to its history in 2011 the President of the Republic of Italy gave to Pastrengo the town privileges

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